Is Edinburgh the UK's tech capital?

Is Edinburgh the UK's tech capital?
Posting date:11 Apr 2019

Edinburgh’s technology market has been strengthening year-on-year since digital became a buzzword and it’s continuing to dominate not just Scotland, but the whole of the UK.

Start-up companies specialising in technology and digital marketing are infiltrating the heart of the country while corporates from across the UK are now moving their technology offering to Edinburgh in a bid to attract some of the city’s exceptional talent.

A CBRE report recently announced that two Scottish cities had made it into the top three on their Tech Cities report demonstrating the growth of the sector in comparison to the rest of the economy and similarly a Deloitte report recently announced that the Tech sector had not only increased by 43.4% between the years of 2011 and 2016 but unemployment in 2018 decreased from 8.8% to 3.8%.

Scotland has continued to outperform the UK average in productivity growth and is now deemed to be the largest technology hub outside of London, employing some 80,000 people and contributing £4 billion to the economy; but, is this entirely a good thing? 

The Scottish economy is thriving as are its workforce and newly founded businesses but it’s the long-standing corporates in Scotland that are struggling as they are fighting for a shrinking talent pool of professionals who vote favourably for working for trendy new start-ups.

We surveyed our network of professionals in Edinburgh and asked them what they look for in a company and why. We also asked them which sorts of clients they would like to work with when working in the technology sector and the results are eye-opening.

We discuss these results in a new insight paper that explores the current marketplace in Edinburgh and speak to thought-leaders and industry experts who explain the upsurge of technology talent and what it means for the Scottish economy. 

To request a copy of our white paper please get in touch and in the meantime, join the conversation – is Edinburgh the tech hub of the UK?  

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