Women in Finance: The Road to CFO

the road to cfo
Posting date: 07 Jun 2023

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Earlier this year, Stanton House organised an in-person event dedicated to Women in Finance. We were thrilled to witness the renewed enthusiasm for networking following the pandemic and being surrounded by more than 80 women was truly energising. 

The event centered around the theme ‘Women in Finance - the road to CFO,’ and our senior finance recruiting expert, Kate Wood, had the pleasure of moderating a panel interview featuring four accomplished female CFOs. They graciously shared their experiences and provided valuable advice on achieving the pinnacle of success in the finance field. 

They openly discussed the challenges, barriers,and lessons they encountered throughout their careers, ultimately leading them to the esteemed role of CFO. 

This insight paper summarises the key takeaways from our event, culminating in five top tips for seizing career opportunities and embracing daily challenges. We hope you find it insightful and very much look forward to discussing how we can support you.

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