If one thing is for certain, it's the importance of our customer's experiences

Posting date:07 Jun 2019

In the wake of Brexit, Anglo-American relations and simple uncertainty, the Change space has had no choice but to evolve in what is an increasingly unstable economic and political climate. 

Organisations are avoiding long-term hiring, speaking in months instead of years and delaying large-scale operational and IT transformations over fears of their aspirations no longer being relevant in some months’ time. There appears to be a common mentality of ‘it can wait’ but what impact does this have on the customer experience?

While Change as a whole seems to have taken a back seat, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is taking a giant leap forward in terms of popularity and large-scale organisations such as Salesforce have recently demonstrated exponential growth. 

The company which is benefiting from a $6.5 billion acquisition of MuleSoft last year has announced this week that shares have risen 3% with $3.74 billion of revenue, more than the $3.68 billion expected by analysts. 

With organisations fearing change but passionate about their customer experiences, CRM is dominating every conversation in the space and Salesforce have estimated that CRM will grow to a $36.5 billion market, worldwide, in three years. 

I have just moved into CRM as a key vertical as I am passionate about helping organisations to maintain an extraordinary level of customer experience while going through change and what better way to do it than by providing access to an exceptional pool of talent, able to make this happen. 

What I am keen to know is how you as an organisation or change professional view CRM. Is it a vital part of your business or something else taking the backseat in an era of uncertainty?

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