Find a mentor who you aspire to be

Posting date:08 Jul 2019

In June I co-hosted the first of our Women in Business event series and it was beyond anything I could have imagined.

At the age of 24, at the start of a budding career in recruitment, I was sat amongst more than 40 exceptional female leaders, all at the very prime of their careers – at the top of the ladder, or on their way there.

They spoke openly about the challenges they still face despite their place at the board-room table: Imposter Syndrome, not being true to their authentic self and trying to balance motherhood with leadership without guilt or the feeling of failure.

It was something one of our speakers, Elona Mortimer-Zhika of IRIS, said that really put everything into perspective for me. 

“Find a mentor who you aspire to be.”

She had stressed that after nearly a decade in the c-suite she had struggled to find a mentor, not due to a lack of available people but rather, a lack of established women who she aspired to be.

As a female leader and a mother, she wanted to find an exceptional women who also balanced everything, who excelled in her career and loved her family but unfortunately, most women in a leadership position have had to compromise on this altogether – not something she aspired to do.

Finding someone who you admire, whose shoes you one day want to fill and who you aspire to become must be more inspirational and motivating than seeking guidance from someone on a completely different journey.

This completely echoed how I was feeling. Lucky, proud and excited to be surrounded by such influential and inspirational women. There wasn’t a person in that room who I wouldn’t be proud to be one day and couldn’t help but take note of the tips and tricks being shared across the room which will no doubt help me, as a woman, succeed.

The event was truly inspiring for everyone in the room and to bring the conversation to you we are creating a white paper, focused on building confidence in women and helping them find a voice in the board room. 

Please get in touch if you would like to receive a copy of this paper once published and join the conversation – have you found a mentor who you aspire to be?