What does a Data Analyst need to do, to stand out?

Posting date:30 Jul 2019

Data Analysts belong to a growing talent pool, a candidate-driven pool that is overpopulating the marketplace.

For every job advert I post, I receive hundreds of messages and admittedly, it’s hard to reply to them all so I can only imagine what hiring managers go through to find the perfect match.

I believe Data Analysts need to bring something unique to the table otherwise, I fear they’ll drown in a pool of equally-talented people with the same resume.  

Data Analysts need to get creative with how they sell themselves, in a role that from the outset, appears to accommodate for little creativity. 

I meet Data Analysts daily and realise only upon meeting them that they bring incredible differences to the table. Their sheer creativity, enthusiasm and energy around data as a whole is astounding, but unfortunately, it doesn’t translate on paper.

Something that really stood out to me was the impressive career diversity that many of these professionals offer. They have worked with several data migration projects, had hands-on project experience and understand data across different platforms while formulating the best way to utilise it.

Some of these conversations have led me to interesting debates surrounding the importance of stakeholder engagement. Do Data Analysts need to be able to build strong relationships with their key stakeholders or, are they expected to remain hands-on, head down and technically savvy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What should a Data Analyst do, to stand out?

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